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Quality assurance is safe and reliable

In line with national standards of quality testing, dozens of engineering checks at each level
Repeated quality inspection strict quality and safety requirements

High-tech cost-effective service guarantee

Company advanced technology and equipment, a high degree of automation, technology leader in the world, the test means complete
In the same industry in the leading domestic level

Company Profile/ about us

Shandong Hongyuan new Mstar Technelogy Lid   Shandong Hongyuan new Mstar Technology Lid is a company specializing in the production of zirconium and hafnium chemical product enterprise,is located in the Gulf of Bohai Provincal Chemical Industrial Park Xinhai Wudi County of Shandong province Binzhou City Industrial park. 200 km from the capital airport,Tianjin 120 km. 28 km from Binzhou port, Rong Wu high-speed Wudi export 8 km.Highway. waterway transportation is very convenient.


Equipment advantage

Dedicated to provide you with first-class products, first-class service.

Company/ News

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Industry / News

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